Collider.JAM Development Release 4 is out!

I’ve completed major features for DR4 just before Ludum Dare 46. Only some minor fixes were included later.

The jam itself is an adventure, that deserves it’s own post or two. I will definitely cover it in the future. Now I’m exhausted but quite satisfied with the results - a survival platformer on a space station with local co-op multiplayer.

In DR4 announce, I’d expected it would be possible to deliver the release somewhere before or after the jam. But a couple of sleepless nights and the following prostration made it impossible.

Now, I’ve finished the major scope of post-jam activities. My game has already received 35 ratings, which qualifies it for the final score.

And I can finally focus on the release.

There is nothing big in DR4. However, a long list of various updates makes Collider.JAM closer to being a complete and finished product.

With DR4, you can spawn an entity from a state descriptor. So instead of a list of lab.spawn() calls somewhere in setup.js just put state descriptors in lab/ and they will be spawn automatically.

Now you can create custom post-processors for *.js and *.json files. Say, I want to post-process Ogmo tilemaps. To do that, I will create a function in /lib/ext/ogmo.js and now all *.ogmo.js files will be post-processed by that function when added to the mix.

The list of changes goes on and too long for a single post. You can run sketch mixes now, there are changes in how traps work, there are new ways to control mods, there is a new dynamic Z-ordering…

Now I will focus on tutorials to cover all these wonderful features.

Keep tuned and don’t stop jamming!