Collider.JAM Development Release 3 is out!

Main achievements are pretty simple - F1 and F2.

Readme and man pages have been updated. By pressing F1, you are getting much better info now. But tutorials are still missing and that is something to fix in the future releases.

Node Inspector is available by pressing F2. It also has been greatly improved. Back action works as expected and there is a proper sync between tabs.

The taken multi-tab approach has good usage potential - not just plain node exploration. I’m thinking about copy/spawn features, search and node modifications here.

I’ve managed to deliver that release in a month (and not in 6 like DR2). Now, I’m declaring a more ambitious target - make DR4 in just 2 weeks. Ludum Dare 46 is coming in the middle of April 2020 and that is a perfect deadline for the next Development Release.

So keep quarantine and don’t stop jamming!

New amazing features are coming!