I’m Igor Khotin, a creative software designer.

I turn ideas and vibes into fun and playable code.

I’m an invader and a UNIX plumber at Invadium and Collider Labs Creator of Collider.JAM game framework among other things.

I started programming on ZX Spectrum back when I was 7. And landed my first programming job in the year 2000. So it has been a long and bumpy journey over the hills of the tech industry.

I’ve used a lot of technologies and programming languages in those years - Java, JavaScript, Go, Scala, Groovy, C, C++, Bash, Python, Lua, Io, Forth, Lisp, Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, various assemblers (x86, Z80)… I’ve taken part in the creation of many different systems - from Massively Multiplayer Online Games to the media industry’s cloud and big data solutions.

I love elegant systems and good engineering. And have a deep understanding of the tech market in general.

Now I’m inspired to spread the value of good minimalistic software design for the masses and flatten a little the learning curves of modern technologies. Programming should be easy, accessible, and fun. And that is the ultimate goal of my invasion.

The cornerstone of that effort is Collider.JAM - a lovely hand-crafted game framework for learning, creativity, gamification, game jamming, prototyping, and beyond.

Check out my current activity on GitHub. There’s always a game jam or something else going on.

Ping me on Discord or Twitter

And play some of my games on Itch.io