I’m thinking of testing automation for future releases of Collider.JAM. The initial DR4 package I’ve pushed to npm had broken dependencies. I’ve linked to the wrong tags and realized that only several days after. Since it kind of worked on my machine :)

To avoid that in the future, more elaborated system is needed to check the release branch before a push. And the testing has to be done on a clean machine or inside a special Docker container.

Collider.JAM has a test engine implemented, but still no acceptance tests to validate a release. That is something to be delivered in the nearest Development Release to guaranty stability.

Being a solo developer working on the framework makes it hard to properly prioritize. What should come first? New exiting features, bug fixes, tooling, tests, documentation? Each is highly important. And for every release, I’m trying to figure out the main focus. And only hope that my assumptions and priorities are right and that I’m delivering a more polished and useful framework as a result.