I’ve shipped 6 releases of Collider.JAM this year so far. It’s a great improvement from a single release in 2019 :)

The framework is getting more usable out of the box. DR7 has brought an immense improvement in help quality. But we are still missing introductory materials. Simple tutorials in help and readme are all we have. Also, there is a bunch of demo mods in bits.mix that might be useful for starters. But that is about it.

To remedy this, I’m shooting a bunch of video tutorials to publish on Invadium(EN) and PowerUps(RU) channels. And also preparing a set of tutorials to publish on this blog first and some other platforms later.

I’ve established that tradition to ship Collider.JAM releases for game jams. I’ve shipped a new version for 7DRL Challenge, Ludum Dare 46, HyperCasual Jam, and GameBoy Jam.

Collider.JAM Development Release 8 is not going to be an exception and I plan to deliver it before the upcoming Ludum Dare 47.

Don’t expect big features. Many minor bug fixes and help system improvements are going to be included. Plus already mentioned tutorials.

As soon as we have a stable core covered with tests, help, and tutorials, we will deliver the last Development Release (9? 10? 11? It’s not clear yet) and start a new era for that unique and amazing framework.