Collider.JAM Development Release 8 is out.

It is the first release for which I can claim more or less full help coverage. Finally, the big and complex prototypes in /hud are fully documented. And it feels good. Now I can focus on missing tutorials.

There are a lot of changes delivering more consistency and convenience.

Like Frame’s select() and selectOne() methods now support asterix patterns and JQuery/CSS-like selectors. So you can get all instances of Missile proto in /lab like'.Missile') or maybe select them by id like'#missile*') or name like'&missile*'). Consistent.

Also, select() and selectOne() are global functions now looking at the /lab node (convenient).

There are many other cool features. Like require() to require dependent nodes, defer() to schedule function call after the game loop iteration, on…() events support in /lab, and new debug console commands for the mix navigation.

And finally, the promised change for package mixes. Even when run globally, Collider.JAM uses local packages by default now, unless the –global flag is specified.

So, try the new release by installing it directly from the npm registry:

npm install -g collider.jam