It’s started again. Early in the morning power went out. We got another blackout. The likes we’d never seen since February 2023.

Recent Russian missile strikes on hydroelectric dams and thermal power plants left 8GWt whole in the Ukrainian power grid and it was just a matter of time before the system became unbalanced. Kyiv was luckier than others for a few weeks, but it looks like that luck ran out.

So now I’m getting to the old routine of keeping my laptops and power banks charged in addition to warm tea, water, and some food in thermal bottles.

I’m one of the lucky souls who only need a laptop and the Internet for work. Some businesses will suffer more, especially the ones requiring uninterrupted power supply.

But even with electricity gone, the city lives on. I hear the buzz of portable power generators. Cafes in the area were prepared, meaning I still can enjoy my morning coffee and a croissant.

The war continues but so is life.