We are a few steps from Alpha Release 1.

Development Release 10 is going to be shipped soon. Then, DR 11 and 12 will follow, and we might finally be ready to ship the first Alpha.

Spring is traditionally a jam season. And since it is Collider.JAM, all major releases are usually shipped around these jams :)

Themes and limitations are always different, so each jam provides a unique testing playground for framework features and development approach.

I’ve started the season with Going Hyper Winter 2021 and my third 7DRL Challenge. Each deserves a separate post-mortem and each challenged Collider.JAM in new and unexpected ways.

There are hardly any major features, but many small changes making the framework usage more pleasant and consistent.

So now I’m sharpening my tools for the upcoming Ludum Dare 48 in late April. It is my next milestone. There is definitely going to be another Collider.JAM release with a bunch of cool features!